CAZZETTE drop the first single from upcoming EP

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Swedish duo supported by Avicii from the very beginning, CAZZETTE changed their style since last year, and deep house has given them the opportunity to get even bigger, with hits such as “Sleepless” or “Blind Heart”.  And now, they are dropping a deep masterpiece under the name of “Together”.

This time the vocals are in charge of Newtimers, and the track has it all. From beautiful sax melodies, deep vocals, gorgeous piano which remind a bit of the old Avicii style, in Sunshine for instance (not the synths, just the melody). And of course, we cannot bypass the drop. Keeping it the CAZZETTE way, the drop is enormous, and at the same time, it is a really nice sound to listen in the tranquility of your bed, with a good pair of headphones.

Oh yeah, and the best part of all this is that this is the first single to be released of their upcoming EP, “Desserts”. Yeah, you read it right, a new CAZZETTE EP. Who’s excited now?

Available now on Beatport .




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