Dannic feat. Bright Lights – Forever

Daan “Dannic” Romers is the Dutch superstar guilty of releasing the masterpiece “Forever”. Dannic is slowly creating his own legacy on Revealed Recordings, Hardwell’s infamous label.

Almost all of Dannic’s tracks are filled with an energetic and positive vibe, and he does not disappoint with his newly released track. The melodic progressions leading into the vocals create a satisfying attack to the listener. The drop provides an uplifting sensation which is crucial when playing on stage, and Dannic settles for no less than perfection.

This masterpiece has swept through Revealed Recordings with its sheer power and satisfaction, and it will no doubt leave a legacy on the label as one of the most exhilirating progressive house tracks to be released to this day.

You can find all of Dannic’s tracks here and if you want to support him and his latest track, you can buy it on Beatport right here.


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