Eelke Kleijn – In My Head

Eelke Klejin, the Dutch melody maker has a bag full of tricks up his musical sleeve. From ruling the House scene ever since his 2006 track ‘8 Bit Era’ got famous to his recent venture into creating soundtracks for trailers of movies and sport brands alike, Klejin is a trophy artist for the House scene.

And after two releases on Spinnin’ and Spinnin’ Deep, he is back to remind us of what we’ve been missing. ‘In My Head’ has the signature groove from the Dutchman with some of the trend acquired sound, reminiscent of his recent release ‘Mistakes I’ve Made‘, which also has some great guitar work! Nevertheless, the vocals from Jaap Reesema, better known as Jake Reese, for this one are hands- down brilliant for the deeper sound and the ‘drop’ portrays the fact that sometimes even the simplest of melodies are captivating and create a wonderful experience.

As of now the dub mix of the song is up for grabs and the vocal mix’s release date is yet to be announced. But we do have a preview from Spinnin’ Record’s Youtube channel.

We bet you will be singing “I’ve still got the sound in my head!” for weeks to come. No? Com’on, eh! It’s worth a fiver?


The dub mix is out on Beatport for now. Hum along and enjoy!

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