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What a historical event, the

The Electronic Music Scene Supports Gay Marriage

Home Editorials The Electronic Music Scene Supports Gay Marriage

What a historical event, the United States of America officially legalized the same sex marriage in all their states, with no regarding at all of the local laws that still do not approve it. Now, some states are facing difficulties coming from people who are trying to stop the unstoppable. Yes folks, this is the 21st century, and the electronic music scene knows it!

Almost everyone, from Steve Aoki to Ultra Music Festival‘s official twitter account celebrated the historical event, which marks a step forward to homosexuality acceptance all around the world. The United States may not have been the first country to legalize the same sex marriage, but for being the United States, the hype on social networks has been growing and is now making everyone aware of the news.

Hashtags such as #LoveWins and #MarriageEquality made all social networks explode, and yet, more people are caring more about this (thank God) than Kim Kardashian’s try to “break the internet”, take that Kim. Sadly, we all know a lot of people won’t be happy with the news that everyone is talking about, but we can hope that future generations will be more accepting.

What’s even worse, is that if it took such a long time to be accepted in one of the most “democratic” countries around the world, when can we expect this human right to be applied all around the globe? It is true, like it or not, love always wins. Congrats on the perseverance to the LBGT community, and keep on fighting for your rights!

By the way, there’s still one question to be answered… does Ten Walls approve?

Here you go, some tweets from the accounts we mentioned previously. This is what PLUR is supposed to look like, isn’t it?

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