Jack Ü – Where Are Ü Now (With Justin Bieber) [Remixes]

Statistically talking, the biggest  track of the debut album from Skrillex & Diplo as a duo, topping the charts on Spotify, Billboard, iTunes, and well… basically any music related social network, Where Are Ü Now.

After being highly criticized for including the Biebs in their album (omg, those sinners), Skrillex & Diplo got the opportunity to shut all the haters up, by gettint the track in question on the top. Like c’mon, like him or not, the kid has a voice, and that’s what counts.

Anyway, the top charting tune is getting its own Remix EP. And yes, the remixes are reallly nice. 3 remixes and 1 cover (it is a cover, come on) for all of you complaining about Bieber’s voice. Let’s get to it.

First of all, we got Kaskade, who surprided most of us by remixing the track in question. However, Kaskade absolutely nailed it. This one if definitely the most energetic of all, and Kaskade changed more than a bit the style that we commonly know from him. Nice beat to give the vocals a more “EDM”ish feel to it , and then we got the very uncommon but awesome drop. Nice piece of electro right there. Good job, Kaskade.


Secondly, here’s Rustie delivering one of the two trap tunes of the EP. Very authentic, Rustie, very authentic. Highly energetic synths, nice kicks and we can still get the Jack Ü touch. That’s pretty awesome. Keep it up, Rustie.


Now, Marshmello is also a part of the sick remixes. Second trap remix, nevertheless, still sick. Marshmello is actually the only one to completely change the track. From the vocals which have been tuned differently, the lead, and of course the drop. If we could sum up the review for this track in two words it would be: trap masterpiece. I’m not even able to find words to describe this remix, because being completely honest it is very different from what you have heard in the past. Let’s not forget the bassline, which will give you a derp face, no doubt. Excellent work on this one, mysterious producer.


Last, but not least, here’s Ember Island giving a proper cover to the track. The cover it deserved to be honest. Embed Island’s vocals will certainly make you pay attention  to the lyrics and believe me, it’s a very emotional experience . Absolutely gorgeous, this is the only thing we can say about this. A nice ending for all those pumped up remixes.

Available now on iTunes .

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