Mr.Black & JETFIRE Create a “Flame”

After receiving significant success with their latest release “Yalem”, JETFIRE‘s talent had taken them to a stature of quality and consistency. Combining with Israeli heavyweight Mr.Black, who’s latest track “Chunk Monkey” has done the rounds on the festival scene, the artists have produced a stellar future-house sound, a new direction for both parties.

Only adding to the hype surrounding both rising artists, the rave-setting anthem is designed to ignite the dancefloor and put the setting afire with energy. With harmonic male and female tribal riffs carrying the song to the build up, the ominous atmosphere created works in sync with the indigenous melody sound that leads towards the hard-and-fast, punching drop. The interplay between the deep melody and tribal elements creates a mood of anticipation, with the use of FX enhancing the cumulative effect, reflecting the polished production both artists bring to their work.

Destined to put any setting it’s soundwaves touches alight, “Flame” inevitably has a big summer ahead of itself. And with rumors of a summer mega-hit in the works with Sonny Wilson, the legendary voice from “Booyah”, there’s little doubt you aren’t tingling at the possibility of another mighty party-infusing anthem later this year.


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