Roger Sanchez – Remember Me (feat. Stealth)

Roger Sanchez has undoubtedly been one of the biggest names in the house industry for over a decade now. Sadly underrated because of his style, always sticking to the house we knew in the last decade (literally, damn, that sounds like a lot now). Roger is still recognized as one of the greatest and most iconic DJs/producers around the world.

And now, Mr. Sanchez is back with a beautiful housy track with a gorgeous vocal accompaniment from Stealth. The club feeling to it is still there, but with a more radio adaptable track than Roger has us used to coming from him. It’s always so nice to get a new track with a bit old influence to it (if we can consider the house peak old), and Roger Sanchez is exactly delivering what we are talking about. Plus, the lyrics are easily relatable, so if you are overly sensitive like me, you can give the song a very personal meaning to it. We seriously hope this track to be as played as it could possibly be. Irreproachable track from the master himself.


Available now on Beatport .


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