The Chemical Brothers make a huge comeback with “Neon Lights”

Classic and iconic duo The Chemical Brothers have been keeping silence a for a pretty long time now, and they are making one huge comeback with the release of their new album “Born In The Echoes”, which will be released on July 17th.

In order to grow the hype even more, the british duo is releasing a new single, fresh from this new album. The single is called ‘Under Neon Lights’, and is featuring St. Vincent‘s vocals.

Just to begin with, the song is way different to anything you have heard before, even different from The Chemical Brothers. This song ladies & gentlemen, could be a sound of the future. We can feel a little return to the classic sounds, however, with futuristic synths, a trippy vocal, genius bassline and well… genius everything. This track really is something different, and a review of it would be a bit short if you don’t listen to it by yourself and watch the video, in order to complete the immersion.

In one word, the song is surreal.

Let’s hope that the whole album will be this authentic and futuristic, because if it is, we are getting one of the best electronic albums of this year with the legendary artists that are The Chemical Brothers.




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