We Rave You Radio – Episode 2 by Gregori Klosman

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Episode 2 brings a French flavour. More specifically Gregori Klosman’s flavour. The Frenchman has become renowned for his combination of deeper synths and drops with instrumental and melodic progressions, creating an uplifted and euphoric tone to his sets.

His work on Episode 2 is without fail a continuation of his fine form. Using little of his own work, Klosman still manages to capture his signature essence, magically merging Drezo’s remix of “Pump this” and Merk & Kermonts “Get Get Down” part way through – a subtle nod to the creators of Episode 1. The first half also features work from Firebeatz, Kryder and Marco V, with Klosman combining a variety of styles and warped sounds onto his canvas of sound.

With a liquid remix of Fat Boy Slims “Praise You” by MERCER signifying the halfway point, begins a deeper, more mellow tactic, bringing a slower, fuller feeling to the podcast. Mixes of Galantis, Transcode, Klosman himself and Elderbrook receive a more extended cut, adding a deeper , more emotive, tone to the Episode with the increased use of quality vocals and harmonic backing vocals. This tone highlighted by the Elderbrook remix used to diffuse the upbeat tempo created in the earlier stages of the podcast, causing a more reflective aurora.

Klosmans ability to design and construct a journey as it were, transitioning the mood for you as you listen, reflects his class as a DJ and appreciation of the quality production taking place today from a variety of artists, leaving We Rave You’s podcast’s at a high precedent for future episodes.

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