Dillon Takes Activism To New Heights With His Latest MV

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Donuts In Crisis Kontrol (or D.I.C.K. for short) is Dillon Francis’s new movement, saving donuts from abuse one sugary sprinkle at a time. He has taken the time, with some of his friends, to create a short film of this movement, giving us fans a glimpse into the life of a donut. This documents his struggles with the cops, who are the chief abusers of donuts, and his on-again off-again friendship with childhood friend Greg, a broccoli.

Ultimately, this short film acts as a music video for his stellar track ‘I Can’t Take It‘, which featured on his album ‘Money Sucks, Friends Rule‘ released in 2014. It also coincides neatly with the upload of the full audio stream for the Party Favor remix, a wild moombahton flip that builds on the original, in anticipation of its release as part of Dillon’s ‘This Mixtape Is Fire‘ moombahton EP on August 14th.

Dillon has always had a crazy side, as most would notice from his wacky social media posts and his most recent music video (NSFW) for ‘Not Butter‘. There is no shortage of musical talent in this man though, and we can’t wait to hear the final product of his collaborations with Calvin Harris, Bro Safari and Kygo.