DVBBS & Mike Hawkins – Telephone (Free Download)

It is an extremely exciting time for DVBBS. Canada’s most famous duo are currently in the middle of a worldwide tour and have been performing on main stages all over. As this article is being written they are probably preparing for their set at the Croatia leg of Ultra Europe.

The Big Room producers have certainly left their mark on the electronic music scene since that collaboration with Borgeous that brought us that huge hit ‘Tsunami’. One of the reasons that may explain their rapid rise to fame may be the sheer versatility of their tracks. From progressive anthems like ‘White Clouds’ to tropical tunes such as ‘Always’, they manage to keep their growing fan base on their toes. However they never manage to stray too far from their big room roots, creating bangers like Voodoo and Pyramids. The guys are also known for surprising fans with free downloads out the blue. The last one being ‘Always’ in April of this year.

And in the middle of their busy summer schedule they’ve managed to find time to release another, in the form of ‘Telephone’, a collaboration with Danish producer Mike Hawkins. This has already been dropped a few times during their sets this summer, and we can imagine it’s been sending fans into a frenzy. Full of energy, dirty samples like disconnected phones and marching band snares, this track is rough and ready. It is the perfect energy boost for ravers during peak hour.


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