Eric Prydz and Beats 1 Radio Combine Forces

With the start of Apple Music, big things were always going to happen. From the movement of Zane Lowe from BBC Radio 1, to bringing in Kygo as the face of the streaming service platform, we now have another milestone. Eric Prydz as the curator of the first ‘One Mix Session’, Beats 1 Radio version of the legendary Essential Mix with Pete Tong – a move guaranteed to grab some major attention.

Opening with his tantalizing final track from his set at EDC Las Vegas, Prydz spends no time encapturing the heart and souls of listeners, sending them on hour long journey through predominately new material, with classic gems like “Generate” intertwined. Prydz status as a pioneer of progressive house, especially the long-format, has seen him gain huge respect from fans of all electronic genres for the seemingly endless supply of timeless music he is able to craft and create.

The One Mix Session debut plays nicely into Prydz’ year as well, which has seen his material, shows and general popularity increase even more. Great build up towards his first ever album and his alias – Pryda – triple EP release. Not to mention his residency at Amnesia in Ibiza, starting later this month on July 23rd.

With Zane Lowe at the helm, and their ability to pull big names in within the early days, Apple Music and Beats 1 Radio looks destined to become a major player in years to come. Especially if Eric’s monster set is anything to go by.

01. Eric Prydz – Opus
02. Pryda – Tromb
03. Eric Prydz – Generate
04. Michael Cassette – Pangaea (Envotion Remix)
05. Pryda – Loving You
06. Sailor & I vs. Pryda – Turn Around (Âme Remix) vs. ID
07. Pryda – Dawn
08. Pryda – New Eras
09. Pryda – Neuron
10. Pryda – Mija (Re-Scored)


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