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Game of Thrones’s Hodor Releases Debut Dance Track

Most of you may think you haven’t come across Kristian Nairn before.

But if you’ve watched Game of Thrones then you’ve perhaps been more up close and personal with the man than you could imagine!hodor-1024

Yes that’s right he plays Hodor, a simple minded servant of House Stark.

What you may not realise is that Nairn is far from simple minded; an accomplished DJ and producer.

Following a break from the latest series of GoT, the 6ft11 giant hailing from Northern Ireland went on a tour at the end of last year. Aptly named ‘Rave of Thrones’, it included over 20 destinations spanning North America and the UK, and was reported to be a great success.

Kairn has now decided to venture into producing original tracks with the release of his debut house anthem titled ‘Up’, featuring Leanne Robinson.

This is what Kairn had to say on soundcloud about it:

It’s been a long time coming, and I think ‘Up / Beacon’ and the material yet to come is a really good reflection of how i feel about house music. We have been very lucky to find Leanne, and its been great working with her. I’ve never been more excited to share ‘Up / Beacon’ and what else I’ve been doing in the studio with the world over the next months.

What to say about it? The track throws you back into the 80’s, featuring that classic bass line, synths and some seriously soulful vocals provided by Leanne Robinson. Overall not a bad first effort at all. Keep it up, Hodor!

Available on iTunes .



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