Jochen Miller Turns it Up!

Not many people would know the late 2009 Trance-legend that is Jochen Miller. With his earlier releases such as Humanoid, Brace Yourself, and Upad, you’d think that this talented DJ had his heart set in the Trance scene for many more years to come.  But his latest Progressive-tracks would argue otherwise.

2015 is looking like a huge year for Miller and his label Armada Trice.  Shortly after the release of A Million Pieces (featuring Hansen), Miller skyrocketed amongst the greats of the Progressive House community, as the song quickly became one of the most remixed of April and May.

Miller, being the brilliant producer he is, took this opportunity to pump out yet another track – this time, with an electric twist.  In comparison to his other hits, such as Flash, A Million Pieces, and Fearless, “Turn it Up” stays true to its name, with a unique electric synth unheard of in any other electro-house track, let alone in Miller’s previous Progressive tracks.

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21-year old self-proclaimed rave god of Ontario. A huge Progressive/Trance connoisseur. You can catch me anywhere raving in Toronto, Waterloo, and London, hitting all the biggest names of the genres at clubs throughout the year, and every festival the beautiful summers here in Canada have to offer!

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