Netsky Takes Us to “Rio”

Belgian genre-pusher, Netsky, has been relatively quiet of late with a hectic touring schedule and studio time. His first release in nearly 6 months comes hotly anticipated by his near-religious following.

The drum and bass star has seen a string of hits in the past, with numerous festival favourites. “Rio” see’s Netsky take a more instrumental approach to his production, opting for a brass-orchestra-infused melody, along with supporting fast-paced piano keys. With the high tempo drum and bass format carrying the tracks energy throughout, the deep male vocals create a catchy hook for party-goers worldwide as Netsky develops the atmosphere throughout, controlling the beats per minute and it’s effect.

With a return to the spotlight such as this, the young Belgian looks destined to set dance-floors alight with his infectious. Having signed with Sony in 2014, Netsky’s next chapter has many within the genre’s scene tantalizing with excitement, reflecting the reputation his material has already created.

Available on July 5th .


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