Pablo Picasso’s grandson makes his debut on Protocol Recordings

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As premiered by the label propietor Nicky Romero at this year’s Ultra Music Festival Miami, the next Protocol Recordings release will be the work of a very talented and innovative producer, Florian Picasso. In case you don’t know him, the last name of this amazing producer is not a coincidence. Florian Picasso is the adoptive grandson of the historical painter, Pablo Picasso. The artistic talent runs through the Picasso generations. How incredible is that? Even if you checkout his profile pictures on his Facebook page, you will notice some very distinctive signs of him being the grandson of one of the most important figures in the artistic world in History.

However, let’s give the artist the respect he deserves. Florian Picasso is coming strong this year, with the release of “Origami”. Origami  is a magnificent track, with a magnificent lead, marvelous synths and a majestic, creative drop. This is the kind of tracks that the scene is lacking, beautiful yet original. One of the most expected Protocol IDs will finally be out very soon.

With no doubt, we can assure you this is one of the most creative tracks this year and you will most likely enjoy this release.

Available July 20th.


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