We Rave You Radio – Episode 4 by New World Sound

Australia’s rising stars New World Sound have accumulated a stellar reputation over the past few years. Episode 4 curators have elevated the podcast to even further heights, blending today’s big electronic hits, with crafty mixes and new material to create a musically savvy and delightful hour of melody, bass, drums and synths, topped with smooth transitions and silky vocals.

The Episode see’s it’s atmosphere transcend the emotional pallet, opening with a dance-vibe-setting sequence including “+1”, “Shades of Grey” and the rising single “From Here” by CaPa. The set is then transformed towards a high-powered musical compilation, featuring unlikely and refreshing combinations of songs such as “Mumbai” and “Epic”, carrying the podcast into its varied anthemic sequence. The festival-esque middle section provides listeners with an intense, energized playlist, revisiting classic’s like “Better Off Alone” and combining them with modern hits like “Runaway (U+I)” to provide a rave atmosphere – true to the name.

With the dropping of their latest track “Gold Diggin” the Aussie pair raise the tempo and aggressiveness of the set, sending it surging towards the finale with the likes of “Tiger” and Drake’s “Know Yourself” acapella. Finishing with Showtek’s “FTS” the pair leave the Episode on a cliff-hanger, begging for Episode 5 to follow in suit. Prompting the question, who is going to be next?

The duo’s time in LA certainly seems to be paying off, with Episode 4 giving We Rave You’s Podcast’s increased variety and respect, as well as providing anther example of the now record-label honcho’s, and smash-creators undeniable talents.

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