Steve Angello – Children of the Wild

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At Ultra Music Festival 2014, Steve Angello dropped an array of ID’s, a taste of what’s to come from his upcoming album. “Children of the Wild” was one  of his final songs that day, and it seemed to get stuck in the heads of fans, with live rips popping up everywhere. And now finally the SIZE Records head-honcho is releasing it as his first single of his debut solo album.

The Grammy-nominee has paired up the Mako’s Alex Seaver, giving the emotionally charged dance anthem it’s addictive lyrical sound along with a harmonized choir of children, to capture the bittersweet essence of the song. The strong message is accompanied by a rip-roaring drum build up, climaxing with a liberating melody sequence that reflects the motivational idea carried perfectly.

Steve’s generous nature led to its June pre-sales going towards the charity, Save the Children and its Nepal Disaster Relief Fund. A humble, selfless act we don’t see too often within the industry.

The track has gone through many vibes and sounds over the past year or so, as Angello as tweaked with the composition, deciding on a more minimal bass guitar – guitar – simple drums – string approach. His desire to start his new era with a fresh perspective has led towards a more memorable, iconic sort of production, where the message is intertwined with the song itself rather than a forced copy and paste sort of tactic.

Available today on iTunes . 

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