Steve Aoki premieres new Titanic Remix

A couple of days ago, Steve Aoki previewed his bootleg of Celine Dion’s classic: My Heart Will Go On.The Titanic theme song is a classic and will always remind us of that heart-touching scene between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet; if you’ve forgotten it, here’s a hilarious reminder from Aoki.

To be honest, we all were quite pumped up about this rework but the debut at Aoki’s set yesterday failed to meet all expectations. The track began wonderfully, with Celine’s vocals intact, violins and strings colliding beautifully like in the original. Aoki addresses the attendees by saying, “Alright, Tomorrowland! Do you trust me?” right before dropping Dion’s gorgeous voice. The crowd sang unanimously with Steve and the atmosphere was nothing short of spectacular.

Now here’s where it gets ‘interesting’. The verse seems to end all at once, and the tempo seems to bump up by a few dozen beats per minute. The ambient strings, violins and vocals… all gone. We’re suddenly immersed into a hard-hitting big room styled drop that quite frankly has nothing to do with the original. Celine would be rather disappointed and to answer Aoki’s question, no Steve; I do not trust you.

Steve should take a few pointers from Tiesto when it comes to reworking classics. Check out the Dutchman’s take on the same track here.