Watch 12 year-old Oliver Heldens destroy the dancefloor

Insomniac recently had the rather peculiar opportunity to interview Oliver Heldens’ mum; yep, you heard that right. Elaine Schaap is the future house maestro’s mom cum financial adviser and her recent interview shed a lot of light on Oliver Helden’s early life.

Discussing Oliver as a kid, she mentioned how one of her favorite memories of him was when Oliver and his sibling decided to get their jive on to the first track he every produced.

“One of my favorite is him jump-style dancing with his brother Lars when they were 12 and 10 years old, on a French village square. In the Netherlands, he and the boys next door made a video of them jump-style dancing, and they used a demo FL to make the music. It was then that Oliver’s interest in making music started.”

Check out the acid styled production, camera work, video editing and of course, the Oliver Heldens shuffle… quite impressive for a 12 year old.

If you’ve been keeping up with Ollie, you’ve probably seen him kill these moves in his room or at a festival; it’s safe to say that Helden’s would’ve been on some dance show if he didn’t make it in the music industry.

We also learned that Oliver was quite obsessed with making music. “After he discovered FL Studio, it was all about music. I remember holidays in France, where he did not go sightseeing with us or to the pool; he only wanted to make music.”
Well the obsession clearly paid off with the young Frenchman starting up his own record label!

Elaine also revealed her personal favorites from her son’s productions; it was a tie between Shades of Grey and Gecko (Overdrive). A lot more cool stuff for you guys to check out in the full interview here.