Afrojack hints on Collaboration with Dyro

It’s another one of those collaborations that have been just waiting to happen! The two Dutchmen finally come together to dish out a collaboration that we have all been waiting for.

Afrojack took to his Twitter as well as his Instagram account to post regarding his time with Dyro, who was recently involved in a jibe game with Techno producer & DJ Seth Troxler. Nevertheless, both the Dutchmen are on top of their game, with Dyro’s new imprint doing brilliantly after building a reputation for hard hitting and top notch tracks and Afrojack releasing his single ‘SummerThing!’ with Mike Tayler.

When talks of a collaboration between two artists of such caliber are doing rounds also coupled with the fact that their varying sounds bring so much to the table, there is a huge track in the making. Hopefully, the collaborators will live up to the hype with their combined effort. After all, isn’t the WOLV Record head eager to dish out some vengeance loops for a certain DJ from Michigan?

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