Axwell Ʌ Ingrosso: Top 10 Moments to date

Axwell /\ Ingrosso is rapidly become a titanic name within the industry. Drawing audiences and appreciation worldwide at the biggest clubs, festivals and venues around the world, it’s impossible to deny their appeal is well-founded. Leaving huge artists like Hardwell, Armin Van Burren, Tiesto and Martin Garrix to fill the slots before them on any schedules line-up, it will make for interesting reading as to where they sit on the DJ Top 100 later this year. While their time as Swedish House Mafia clearly gave them a gigantic platform to reestablish themselves and develop their new duo-act, it’s difficult to rebut the fact their overall production, musically and visually, is world class.

Witnessing Swedish House Mafia was an honour, and brought about memories for individuals and the electronic scene that will last a lifetime. However, the split seems to have brought about a revitalizing refreshment for the trio. For Axwell and Ingrosso their latest string of hits, sourcing from their upcoming debut album, has offered us a whole new array of sounds and anthems for 2015.

With this in mind, and their album set to drop in the near future, we bring you our Top 10 Axwell /\ Ingrosso moments to date. And while only for a short period of time so far, its undeniably impressive.

In chronological order:

1.  Axwell and Ingrosso join forces for “Roar”. While not yet Axwell /\ Ingrosso, the pair didnt fail to give Monsters University a soundtrack reflective of their talents and the industry’s rising standards. The dicso-infused banger was the only song of the movies compilation album not by Randy Newman. The tune became even more of a monster when London outfit Yogi gave it the dubstep treatment with his remix.

2. Axwell and Ingrosso  drop “We Come, We Rave, We Love” for free. While renowned as a Swedish House Mafia staple, the track never formally got released until May 2014. A soundtrack for their Farewell tour and its memories, it release by the pair foreshadowed the act that was to come. The act we cant get enough of today

3. Axwell /\ Ingrosso become official. 29th May was was a big day for Axwell and Ingrosso and their acquired, adoring fan base. With iconic BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe breaking the news about the duo preparing their debut album and a tour, the Swedish house legends combined their Facebook pages and hyped the joint venture to their 2.3 million followers. The symbolic move reflected the long-term intentions they had for the act, one that no doubt came bittersweet to many, with the fresh memories of SHM.

4. Axwell & Ingrosso make incredible debut. Manhattan island became the newly formed Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s playground plastering buildings and subway stops with their /\ logo and previews of upcoming song lyrics. Having been tucked away in Sweden’s coldest winter working on new material, the pair no doubt enjoyed being back in the limelight and marketing scene as much as we did. With their live debut occurring days after at New York City’s Governors Ball, premiering 7 songs and lighting the sky with fireworks, few other can have an acts debut on such a scale – not even, dare we say it, SHM.

5.  “Can’t Hold Us Down” premiers with Zane Lowe as ‘Hottest Record In the World’. With Zane Lowe debuting the news of Axwell /\ Ingrosso 6 months earlier, the grinding progressive-house ragee, brought about a new phase for their music. Seemingly opting for quality, over radio-friendly stuff, the 6 and half minute song stirred anticipation levels skywards, and foreshadowed what was to come.

6. Axwell /\ Ingrosso premiere “Something New”. The first of their vocal-based songs saw the pair team up with frequent SHM collaborator Salem Al Fakir, giving a revitalized message for their new career chapter. Another progressive house track, it carried a softer, more harmonic vibe. It went on to top the Dance Club Songs chart with 48 hours, and still stands as their most successful single to date.

7. “On My Way” launches with epic video. The official clip came with the pair featuring as the main characters, who collude as underground ultimate fighters with a plan to out-smart local gamblers. With the get away leading to a ‘to be continued’ end, part 2 had fans on the edge for the complete mini-movie. A refreshing change for the pair, who only really ‘acted’ in SHM’s “Greyhound” video, their new chapter seemed to have brought a new found passion and willingness to be more hands on.

8. “Can’t Hold Us Down” music video brings part 2 of mini-movie. Although “Can’t Hold Us Down” had been out for some time, Axwell /\ Ingrosso released the official video as a sequel to “On My Way”. The high-octane video begins with a brutal car explosion with it appearing like another violent scene is about to start, and unexpected dance sequence occurs, leaving you baffled, but inspired. And with another ‘to be continued’ ending, it seems part 3 is even more unpredictable.

9. Axwell /\ Ingrosso put their mark on Coachella. Electronic music at Coachella was a controversial move. However, Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s ability to cater for their event and audience is one of their special traits. Bringing in distinctive, costumed characters in the form of Salem al Fakir and Vincent Pontare, the pair dropped an hour of music genius, blending old, with new, classic vibes with a party atmosphere. Headlining the night, tunes such as Valentino Khan’s “Deep Down Low” to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” carried the crowd to the nights climax, leaving both the act and audience with memories for a lifetime.

10. “Sun Is Shining” becomes one of the summers anthems. One of the most uplifting tracks of the year, the song holds a special place in Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s fan base. The heart-warming video in which people of all walks of life share handwritten messages of inspiration, this sun-soaked single reached Number 1 in the artists home-country.


With legendary performances at Ultra Music Festival Miami and Tomorrowland as well this year, the release of their album is likely to bring the scene to a standstill of attention. And all this in a year implies Axwell /\ Ingrosso has plenty more in tank. We cannot wait for whats in store!



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