Brazil’s Rising Star FTampa Talks Advice, Career and Upcoming Tour In Exclusive Interview

FTampa has seen himself and his career evolve into something rather special over the past decade or so. Having seemingly come-of-age with his recent streak of form, it’s easy to eagerly anticipate his near-future releases and work. One of the most distinctive artists within the scene rising rapidly through the ranks, this year and the years to come should hold numerous defining moments for FTampa and his adoring fans.

Taking precious time out to answer several of our questions, we were blessed to receive a more ‘human’, personal touch from FTampa, and gain great insight into his production lifestyle as whole.

Check out the interview below:

-“That Drop” has been one of the biggest big-room sounds in 2015 so far, can you describe your production process for a track like that? And how has your approach to production evolved over time?

I always try to create different sound design, That Drop was a track that I wanted to make it simple and good for festivals. Initially it was supposed to be a collar with Lazy Rich, but he didn’t like it (sorry Rich hahaha). I’ve been producing almost the same way as I did back when I started, the big difference now is that I am more experienced and have better equipment.


-Like many, your interest in music started off when you were very young, do you have any poignant moments in your life that continue to inspire you?

In 2001 I was attending Rock In Rio in Rio de Janerio (the biggest rock festival in Brazil) and that was a changing moment in my life, I knew that day that I wanted to pursue a music career. Musically it wasn’t close to what I do now but I was impressed by the concept of being an artist and making people happy with your own music.

-Quick change of topic, what are some unorthodox things you love about your job? Some of the perks you can’t get enough of?

The possibility of making music without following rules. I think that being able to surprise yourself during production process (and as a result to surprise your audience) is the something that still can be paired with ‘unorthodox’ term because a very few producers are actually doing it. Forcing yourself to go off the beaten tracks is what keeps me going.

-In and around your tour schedule, new material is always at the forefront of a DJ/Producers mind. Are you able to give us a hint or two at some current projects you are working on at the moment? Are there any collaboration in the works?

There’s lot of new stuff coming up. Some of the tracks are originals (including collaborations), some of them are remixes but it’s still too early to speak about details and/or reveal artists’ names I’ve collaborated with. I don’t want to jump the gun and ruin the surprise effect so please keep following me on social media to be up-do-date.

-Speaking of collaborations, who are some artists you have always wanted to work with? And why?

Skrillex is my favorite for electronic dance music related stuff but I would love to work with Rock Bands and other genres outside of EDM. Maroon 5 is always an option 😉

-With the likes of your “Kismet” and “Slammer” under your belt, what moments to feel are helped define your career so far? And why?

Kick It Hard was definitely a changing moment due to Hardwell’s support at Tomorrowland Main Stage, then the consistency of releases that were supported by big names helped improve my career.


-With so many artists taking so many directions, what are some fellow DJ/Producers and tracks you are digging right now?

JAUZ is my current favorite one, but I am digging Avicii’s new album a lot!

-Now many of us all have a soft spot for a genre or two outside of the electronic scene, we were wondering if you do and what they are?

Bearing in mind that a rock music festival was the thing what brought me here, my favourite genres out of electronic dance music are rock and pop. Some time ago I even had a rock band. Happy to schedule another interview to discuss that side of me as there are a couple of interesting stories to share in regards to that.

-Playing in front of your home crowd must have been a very special experience. Was your approach to your set any different to usual? Were there nerves?

My sets are similar but always different, I always pay attention to the crowd reaction and let it go with the flow. It is very good to perform at huge crowds in my home country, there is always a little bit of nerves.

-As a DJ nowaday’s you get to travel the world. What festivals, gigs and clubs are you most looking forward to playing this summer?

Doesn’t matter if it’s a big festival or a smaller venue. If a good vibe is guaranteed, I’m always looking forward. I’m about to kick off my Asia tour and that part of the world is always crazy. After that I’m coming back to Brazil for quite a few solid shows. Brazil is my home country so this just has to be good!

-With the continually evolving electronic scene, where would you like to see yourself in 5 years? Personally and professionally?

‘Personally’ is strictly linked with ‘professionally’ as everything I do in life is to keep chasing my musical dreams. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” like Confucuis said. I’ve just moved to Los Angeles so I’m expecting to get advantage of that city, to draw an inspiration out of the place and make new connections. All that really matters is to have next year better than the previous one which is constantly happening.

-To conclude, do you have any advice or tips from your own experiences for the young aspiring producers out there? Are there any tales you have learned from?

Worry less about your physical appearance, study more music, and work harder than the others.


FTampa’s recent release “031” on Doorn Records together with fellow countrymen The Fish House climbing the charts as we speak and features an epic combination of groove and mainstage sounds. If you missed this one you can purchase it through Beatport.

Acting as the CEO and founder of the site, the highly successful entrepreneur soon saw his team grow meteorically under his stewardship, amassing more than 1 million followers across the brand’s platforms. In addition, working with esteemed global entities such as Tomorrowland, AMF, EXIT Festival, Ushuaïa, Hï Ibiza, Parookaville and many others festivals and clubs aswell as some of the world’s most reputable record labels, artists and agencies.

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