Darude ends hiatus with new album “Moments”

Darude‘s hiatus from the track production scene hasn’t gone unnoticed. In fact it seems it only increased each year as “Sandstorms” infamous reputation continues to increase in popularity and common knowledge. So when we say Darude has an album coming up, we expect numerous heads to turn. Even though he’s been doing over 60 shows a year for 10 years or so.

Titled ‘Moments’, the new album is Finland’s biggest musical export fourth studio album, reflecting his longevity despite the changing times. Ranging in musical sounds and styles, Darude’s ability is once again proven filling the spectrum from big-room to trance to dubstep-infused depth, there’s a little something for every ear. With the title track “Moments” capturing his infectious sound, the is due to album sit well with his loyal audience and followers.

‘Moments’ as an album, like so many of the current DJ/Producer’s, is more than just a collection of tracks. It’s a statement and demonstration of their diversity, tastes and signature touches

Beautiful Alien” takes inspiration from ‘that track’. And to be fair it almost seems fitting Darude should start off with a hint from the past. A quick reminder of where he was and where he is now.

“I do HAVE the same synths still from the early 2000’s, and I love to sometimes use them, but I’m pretty much 100% ”in-the-box”, I do everything with Logic Pro and various plugins. For ‘Beautiful Alien’, though, I definitely dug out some older sounds to get that vibe!”

“Be With You” however carries the sub-genre acid jazz. The contemporary meet the funk one could say. Its catchy melody heavily modified vocal exude an electro-pop vibe, giving a rich sound.

Venturing into more of the unknown “Coming Home” uses Mahan Moin’s rich voice as its centerpiece. The production reaps memories of the 90’s decade Darude started off in, with disco-esque early house instruments like guitars and piano along with today synths.

Festivals will seemingly be an easy task to conquer for Darude over the next year or so. “Moments” with an echoing synths and pulsating bassline lead the song, with Sebastian Reyman’s vocals carrying the cheerful melody.

Packing punches throughout, “Warrior” certainly takes a good effort at gaining the ‘most notable track’ title. Blending dubstep and house is no easy task, however the cushioning effect of the piano chords helps soothe the empowering lyrics and charging beatline.

“Supersized” continues ‘Moments’ on going mix of sub-genres within the electronic music spectrum. With distorted synths, the ear is taken from light spacious sounds to darker, grittier house staples, bringing reminiscing thoughts of the past and its fond characteristics.

Sebastian Reyman second appearance comes in the form of “One Lifetime”. The disjointed banger  see’s itself morph from a smooth, melodic breakdown with motivational lyrics, to a deeper, grinding sound, giving an empowering effect.

Flashback to Darude’s earlier days, infusing “Turn The Light On” with his trance roots, while still maintaining the albums deeper, dirtier breakdowns and energizing drops. With Will sly’s vocals bringing memories of Van Buuren’s and Tiesto’s work from the ‘trance years’ the track is destined to become a club staple across Europe and America.

A 7 minute song is something we weren’t expecting, but it’s also something we aren’t complaining about.  “Till I Could Find” is a tempo-ed trance track with progressive tendencies. The atmosphere reflects the experimental nature the album takes in the middle of the track listing, with Darude adding a strong dose of atmospheric dubstep part way through.

“Peace Revisited” brings another surprise. Another 7 minute song that polishes off the trifecta of trance within the album. The Finnish producer opts for a no-vocal approach, but a higher tempo, causing the violin and hook to come to the forefront, making it the most ‘pure’ trance track out of the 3.

Rounding off the album is “No More Tears To Cry”. Bringing a calming and fitting end to what can only be described as a surprising, satisfying and refreshing ‘return’ for Darude and his material. Using dreamy synths and crystallized piano chords, Kristiina Wheeler’s emotive vocal bring a sense of completion. Perfect to bring the adrenaline and heart round down to normality.

And with that comes the conclusion of Darude’s ‘Moments’,  a clear indication he’s is not only active on the scene, but also one of the savviest producers in the industry. Catering for the changing times and his fan’s tastes over the years, ‘Moments’ will no doubt tick every box in his loyal followings wishlist.

Available today on iTunes


01. Beautiful Alien (feat. AI AM)
02. Be With You Tonight (feat. Will Sly)
03. Coming Home (feat. Mahan Moin)
04. Moments (feat. Sebastian Reyman)
05. Warrior
06. Supersized (& Caater)
07. One Lifetime (feat. Sebastian Reyman)
08. Turn The Light On (feat. Will Sly)
09. Till I Could Find (& Weirdness)
10. Peace Revisited (& Apocalyptica)
11. No More Tears To Cry (feat. Kristiina Wheeler)



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