DJ Snake Makes His Return with “How Deep Is Your Love” Remix

After a long hiatus, riding high on the glorious success of ‘Lean On’, everyones favourite ‘filthy trap’ producer, DJ Snake is back with another signature tune. From ‘Bird Machine’ to ‘Slow Down’ to now a remix of Calvin Harris’ ‘How Deep Is Your Love’, Snake almost never fails to impress. Well, with grimy rhythms like those, how could anyone not leave a mark?

However, since its release, this tune has come under tons of gunfire and mixed opinions. Some say history hasn’t been able to repeat itself – DJ Snake has failed to deliver another infectious festival banger. On the flip side, others say this remix embraces the ever-changing and ever-growing tastes of EDM lovers. All in all, the iconic French producer has done and can do much better.

Does DJ Snakes twist on HDIYL live upto its expectations? Decide for yourself after checking it out below:

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