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EDX is back with a

EDX – Belong

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EDX is back with a stunning deep house track; ‘Belong’ is set to be released on the 21st of September. Parading the scene for almost two decades now, Maurizio Colella has immersed himself into multiple genres with his EDX moniker. The Swiss tune-crafter has really set himself up as a guru of deeper sounds and has contributed massively to the revival of deep house music over the last two years.

His latest production is set to be released on Spinnin’s Deep imprint and we couldn’t be more excited for its arrival. Summer is sadly over, but a track of this caliber will surely give you your dose of sunny vibes. ‘Belong’ is built around a soul capturing vocal from a source that’s yet to be confirmed; but this isn’t just your average vocal dance track, wait the midsection kicks in, EDX deploys his classic wobbly bass-line in spectacular fashion. Reverbed snaps coupled with blissful up-lifters make it an absolute must listen.

Available September 21st .


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