Elite Daily takes you into the magical world of Tomorrowland

Know for their incredible attention to detail, spectacular world class line-up and the memories they create, Tomorrowland has brought their fans an experience like no other. The festival started in 2005 and has quickly become the ultimate destination for EDM fans to experience their favourite artists’ music. Elite Daily attempted to show the world what this festival has to offer with a 5 minute short film, putting on display the experience that so many rave about as the best EDM experience ever.

Featuring Nicky Romero, Martin Garrix and other top world class DJ’s, Elite daily’s short film follows the journey of two girls going to tomorrowland to interview the artists performing there. Starting off with a shaky relationship between the two girls, the short film progresses and shows the two girls mend their friendship together as they reach the festival, and it is the heart pumping music of the world class DJ’s that sees them pull each other back into their arms.

Elite Daily’s depiction of these two girls aims to display the heart of what makes Tomorrowland the best music festival in the world; its ability to put aside peoples differences and emotional baggage and allow them to bond over music. EDM culture has cultivated over the years to be one of unity and diversity, and nowhere assembles these traits better than Tomorrowland. From the attention to detail in making the festival grounds feel like another reality to the spectacular displays of music, pyrotechnics and non music related activities, Tomorrowland has forged a festival experience that is simply unlike any other. It is no wonder that a festival saw less than 50,000 attendees in 2005 has flourished into one that attracted just under 400,000 fans over 2 weekends in 2014. Nicky Romero, an artist that is no stranger to the festival MainStage said it best, quoting that “Tomorrowland is not just a festival. I always say it’s like a part of your life, somehow.” An Experience, that stays with you forever.

Watch Elite Daily’s short film below:




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