Hardwell releases Tomorrowland 2015 Set

Hardwell’s title as the top DJ in the world will no doubt be under pressure this year, with the rise of multiple artists and the continuing development of established acts. However, based off his introduction only, he’s putting up a pretty strong fight. The Revealed Records head-honcho has seen his label and his tracks come under tougher scrutiny since receiving the award last year, and still continues to perform and deliver in good faith and good music.

Featuring unheard music, some of his best remixes and magical mash-ups, Hardwell certainly doesn’t fail to hype the crowd as the sun set and the rain poured. If anything, set a very high bar for the acts that followed him on the Main stage. With tracks such as “Birds Fly” and “Follow Me” from his debut album earlier this year, remixes of “How Deep Is Your Love”, “Insomnia” and “Where Are U”, as well as staple originals such as “Apollo” and “Countdown”, Hardwell pulled out an impressive array of material. In turn reflecting his international status.

Re-live the 60 minutes that took the Tomorrowland crowd from day to night below

Get the Tracklist here

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