Henry Fong and Bingo Players Talk Curiosity Remix and Career

EDM.com recently premiered a preview of Henry Fong’s remix of ‘Curiosity’. The original saw Bingo Players enter the future house territory and received a top-notch response; now, Henry Fong has turned the rather ‘chilled’ track into a party-starter. Fong has been dishing out stunning remixes recently and this one could potentially top the list with its pulsating bass house sound.

In light of this remix, EDM.com had the opportunity to document an interview between Fong and Bingo Players. Henry played the role of the interviewer and began by asking Maarten (from Bingo Players) what inspired the creation of ‘Curiosity’.

 “It’s a track that I have been working on for a while and I really wanted to bring back the early sounds of Bingo Players, with a modern twist. It was sort of a throwback to tracks like “Chop” and “Tom’s Diner.””

Henry also managed to get some advice on running his new found label, Banzai. Maarten’s Hysteria Records has been doing great over the years and it’s probably wise to seek for advice from such an individual.

“Don’t expect it to be an immediate success! You’ve got to be patient and focus on releasing quality records. We established Hysteria Records as a way to control the type of music we release, and therefore we were able to enjoy a sense of freedom and it allowed us to focus on doing our own thing. I think you’ve got to follow your own style and make sure you keep reminding yourself of why you started it in the first place.”

Maarten went on speak about his favorite music, shows, dream collaboration and more. Go check out the full interview on EDM.com.