KSHMR - Jammu (Mr.Black & Karmatek Remix)

KSHMR – Jammu (Mr.Black & Karmatek Remix) (Free Download)

KSHMR has enjoyed an incredible 18 months of so. Bursting onto the scene, he is continuing to deliver with jet flames coming out of the back. The guys simply on fire.

His latest solo work, “Jammu” has done the rounds around the scene over the past few weeks, proving to be a DJ and fan favourite. With a unique remix competition being held in conjunction with the tracks release, one lucky aspiring producer gets the chance to produce a track with the incredibly talented American. However, established artists don’t get the chance to enter, instead they only have the option of delivering their own take on one of 2015’s stand-out electronic tracks.

Cue Mr.Black & Karmatek‘s remix. Having done the rounds under an ID, the pairs remix of the track has received praise tipping it as the best remix of “Jammu” yet. No bad praise at all. The two Israeli producers are still enjoying the success of their track “Rage” nearing the Beatport Top 20 already. And with their remix of “Jammu”, we wouldn’t be surprised if they have another track in their soon.

Karmatek already has an established musical artillery, including “Popeye” which was released on DownRight and debuted by Wolfpack at Tomorrowland 2014. Mr Black has also enjoyed major success, releasing “Flame” with JETFIRE exclusively with We Rave You, as well as having a new track in the works with JETFIRE and Sonny Wilson, rumoured to be released on Boombox. With this in mind, your high expectations for the artists collaborative remix are well founded. And happily they’re exceeded.

With the tracks tribal effects and vocals maintained, the track receives an energy boost early on. Taking the timeless melody through an assortment of stop-start chords and synths, the tracks build up creates a large amount of hype. Which is a good thing, as it’s delivers a driving progressive-kick. Opting to use their own melody, Mr.Black & Karmatek’s deep keys are joined by a collection of beats and layers. The track majestically also captures one of KSHMR’s defining characteristics – an effortless secondary build-up, with scattered FX throughout. Caring it to the end of the 4 minutes, the song leaves its audience, whether it individual ears or thousands of ravers with a sense of something refreshing and energizing. Perfect for the modern DJ set.

You can download it Here



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