Kygo takes new direction with “Piano Jam”

The past couple of years for Kygo have been enormous. From viral remixes to now being the face of Apple Music. It’s certainly no small feat, and a feat that could not be achieved through good management. A great degree of talent is necessary to rise so quickly into the spotlight, for the right reasons.

His staple elevator-esque, tropical house sound synchronizes with the summer season. From the beach, to the road, millions have no doubt had this years memories have an association with one of Kygo’s sun-kissed tracks. His latest work however takes an alternative direction to his normal production sound, reflect his breadth of talent, ability and musical appreciation.

Simply calling it “Piano Jam”, Kygo’s latest piano melody takes the forefront of the track. No sound editing, just the original instrument. And what a result it turns out to be. While we all enjoy the electronic scene and it’s sounds, it’s hard for anyone to deny good music when you here it. “Piano Jam” is a prime example of this. With like violins, shakers and a soft kick-drum, the minimal structure reflects the ‘less is more’ philosophy.

While not likely to become a peak time feature in his DJ sets, or even released, the Soundcloud link will no doubt be one you will be returning to for a long time to come.

So sit back and click play below. We have a strong hunch you won’t regret it.

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