Axtone Releases Classic Acapella’s For Aspiring Producers

Axtone is definitely one of the few labels left from this genre, that still focuses purely on music and brand quality.

Axwell‘s legendary label, Axtone, is releasing after several years, iconic acapellas for all the aspiring producers to start working on them and give them their very own personal touch. Just reading the list of acapellas and listening to their original source gives you ‘the feels’ of the ever-quality-delivering label.

Axtone has been a synonym with quality output for the past several years, and a clear example on how quality will always reign over quantity; because the tracks included in this Acapella set release are immortal – timeless. Get your speakers on, get your DAWs ready, because this is about to be an amazing season for remixes, bootlegs, and mashups. But don’t forget Axwell, we’re still waiting for your IDs and your album with Sebastian Ingrosso…

Real house beauties are present, with names such as “In My Mind”, “Sunrise”, “Teenage Crime”, “Sing2Me”, “Falling”, “Nothing But Love” are included, and you can check out the full tracklist below.

Axtone Acapellas Vol2 is out now on Beatport.


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