instagram has banned the hashtag EDM #edm

Instagram Bans EDM Hashtag Yet Again

What started as a movement to help decrease the incidence of drug related posts has now transcended into flagrant mockery of a prevalent culture. As of late, Instagram has once again decided to remove the #EDM hashtag, this time, for reasons unknown. Just a few weeks ago the photo sharing platform decided to quickly withdraw its initial stand and the ban was lifted after fans expressed their disappointment over social media. However, that was short lived and the Instagram management have decided to put the hashtag out of effect once again.

An Instagram spokesperson said:-

“Recent posts from #edm are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram’s community guidelines.”

Unfortunately, it seems like Instagram has this irrational liking for curbing the use of mildly suggestive hashtags with ones like #curvy placing on the list amongst numerous others. Fortunately, the EDM community is not going down without a fight.

We will provide updates as this story develops.

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