Kaskade - Whatever ft. KOLAJ

Kaskade – “Whatever” ft. KOLAJ

American DJ and house music producer Kaskade recently announced his upcoming ‘Automatic’ album, which is set to be released on the 25th of September. The album, consisting of 14 tracks in all, is already highly rated and the anticipation reflected in the previews prompting uncontrollable excitement among his beloved fans. Announced during the first weeks of August, this will be the Arkade head’s 8th album and is arguably his biggest in terms of commercial value, especially due to the two-album deal signed with Warner Bros. in January.

With the provision to pre-order since 21st August, few of the tracks from the album were made available for purchase. One such song is “Whatever”, on which Kaskade collaborates with L.A. based music duo KOLAJ. Carrying a mellow melody and soothing vocals that kick off the track in perfect fashion, it syncronises with the colorful artwork surrounding it – only then to be galvanized by the album creator into a slightly edgy electro-pop song. Two or three plays on this and you’re inevitably going to using the repeat button several times!

The ‘Automatic’ album is available here for pre-order.

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