Skrillex drops Japanese Metal band during Ultra Japan Set

Skrillex headlined one of Asia’s biggest electronic festivals and one of the most followed events in the industry’s calender’s, Ultra Japan has taken a massive foothold on the most populous continent. Taking place last weekend at the Tokyo Odaiba Ultra Park, during Skrillex’s Sunday closing set. Jumping on the mic, heavyweight Skrillex asked the crowd;

“I’m going to bring some friends out right now. Is that okay?”


The OWSLA figurehead brought out an unexpected guest however, BABYMETAL. Japan’s heavy metal teen idol trio known for their unique combination of anime-esque vocals over intense rhythms inspired by different styles of metal music (not saying the genre’s spectrum is that extensive). Performing their popular song “Gimme Chocolate!!” as any Ultra crowd does, it was well received with hype and mania.

The live collaboration was an exciting fusion of music styles and cultures as well as a surprise for fans in attendance and those streaming around the world.

Watch Skrillex and BABYMETAL in this high-quality clip from the live stream below:


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