Steve Aoki & Headhunterz preview latest Collaboration

Steve Aoki and Headhunterz are no strangers to big hits. Renowned for their dynamic, and charismatic productions, their collaboration brings with it huge excitement for the combining of both their talents. While one an occasional voice-actor and the other a label owner, very few are able to deny their dedication and caliber within the industry.

Leaking online through a number of rip’s from festivals a few months ago, fans have been tantalizing for details of its release. Fusing Steve Aoki’s distinctive electro sound, with Headhunterz high-tempo, deeper sound, the pair’s production brings with it light, building chords and a surging lead. Curated with numerous layers that chop and change over the top of the pulsating beat, the songs variety in turn reflects Steve Aoki’s and Headhunterz extensive catalogue’s and coveted career’s to date.

Travelling with them to every corner of the globe, the increasing number of features “The Power Of Now” has received within their set’s implies an official preview is around the corner.

Set to release 2nd October, the painful wait for fans is nearly over. But one that will no doubt we well worth it.

Check out the preview for “The Power Of Now” below!

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