Axwell Λ Ingrosso release new single in support of charity

Axwell ^ Ingrosso have been making waves in the dance music scene for over a year now. They connect with their audiences not only through their music but also through their philanthropic actions. With their upcoming single ‘This Time’ geared up for release, the Stockholm natives have sworn to donate all proceeds from the tune to the UNHCR, a UN supported initiative aiding the homeless and runaways.

The seed was planted following Axwell ^ Ingrossos booked out performance in Amsterdam at Heineken Music Hall. Seeking to rope in all their beloved fans to extend a helping hand, the Swedish trailblazers invite their followers to help be the change the world yearns for.

 “We want to recognize the fact that so many innocent children across the globe are refused the basic right to go home in a time of chaos and commotion.”

‘This Time’ is from their debut album which is said to be primed for release later this year. Along with an international tour in mind, Axwell /\ Ingrosso have also continued to lead by example as the people who the EDM community so drastically needs.