Duact deliver huge progressive bomb “For You”

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Duact are still emerging on the scene. But my, what a trail they are leaving behind them. Covering the spectrum of electro, progressive and house sub-genre’s Tobias Hermansson & Erik Hallgren’s Soundcloud is a fruitful collection of blissful melody, soaring synths and pulsating beats.

Pairing up with the heart warming voice of Julia Adolfsson the duo have created arguably their best track to date. With raw piano chords breaking in the track and under-laying the emotive lyrics, the quick transfer to electronic layers and rapid tempo build lead towards a euphoric progression. Highly energized, the perfected vocal riffs and crafted FX develop the song into a matured electro-progressive master class. With a throbbing bass, the track carries with it the numerous layers curated to culminate in a outgoing and elated mood. One where smiles are created and total satisfaction reached.

With Duact producing quality material such as this, it’s fair to way We Rave You will be keeping close tabs on the pair in the future.

Better still, no only do they produce good music, Duact are giving “For You” away as a Free Download. Bring on the weekend!

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