EP: Alex Metric – Ammunition Pt. 4

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Alex Metric has done it again on his brand new EP “Ammunition Pt. 4” delivering a diverse range of tracks showing off his production skills in a blend of genres from funky french inspired house to more tech-house and techno styled productions. The British producer brings his first release in his “Ammunition” series of EPs since 2013 and it has truly been worth the wait. Metric, best known for his monstrous 2011 hit “Open your eyes” will be hoping to recreate some of that success and with some of the tracks on this record, it’d be a shame if he didn’t!

The opening track “Always There” starts off the record on an excellent note. The 80s inspired synth arpeggios and funky bass line bring out the disco vibes for what has to be the best track on the EP. Infused with distorted vocals, catchy rhythms and soaring pads, Metric definitely opened the EP with a bang and the tracks infectious uplifting vibe make this one a song to remember and one which will definitely be in my playlist for a long time.

The second track on the EP and the one which sadly is my least favourite of the five “Creeper” goes down a more tech house inspired route and shows a complete change of direction from the opening track. Using a dissonant almost circular in feel synth lead layered over a simple and yet somewhat effective bass line, “Creeper” is a track that just feels to repetitive to me, and sadly one which I simply didn’t enjoy, however thankfully it doesn’t take away from the rest of the EP!

Moving into midway in the record and we find a complete gem in “Drum Machine“. Metric really flexed his creative juices on this one, creating an entire track using only a drum machine and vocals. A smart and unique approach producing a song which may have been a risk to create, but one which definitely paid off. The collaboration with The New Sins acts as an almost chaotic club banger with its infectious TR-808 sampled bass line and catchy vocal hook that definitely a track that proves the ability of Metric as a producer and one which I can see being hugely popular in the coming months.

The EPs second collaboration “ELEV8“, created with AMTRAC continues the darker theme of the EP with this tech house thumper of a tune that builds and builds into a terrifying lead synth which will no doubt create mayhem on dancefloors. One of those tracks that is over before you think it’s even started and really is just a fantastic production overall.

As we move toward the end of this release we find sadly the second disappointment of the EP. “Got Me Up” featuring The Knocks. Following the general tech house theme of the EP, the repetitive nature of the bass line and overall simplistic feel of this track sadly doesn’t work. A poor end to an overall great EP.

Overall, Metric really has outdone himself on this scorcher of an EP. Despite two disappointing tracks, they really don’t take away from the magic of the rest of the record making this a definite worthwhile purchase for any house lovers.

Ammunition Pt. 4 is now available on iTunes