New music festival set to premier in Cuba in 2016

A brand new music festival called “Manana” is set to launch in Cuba in 2016. With the emphasis on the Cuban-folkloric music combined with the pioneers of the International Electronic music community, it differentiates itself to the run-of-the-mill EDM festivals. Though we do not have any concrete details on the festival, there is a Kickstarter campaign launched aiming to fund the festival.

With the motto being “an inclusive and collaborative festival built on the deep love and mutual respect we all have for rhythm,” we know that it will serve as a much-needed fresh breeze to the EDM community. Confirmed acts so far include London dubstep producer and DJ Mala, Grupo ÌFÉ, and the tropical Sofrito DJs. The first 50 Manana tickets are being sold for $129 each via Kickstarter. Check out the teaser below.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.