Nilson & Freddy See release latest track for free!

Nilson & Freddy See have enjoyed a fruitful couple of years in the scene, with releases on some of the industry’s biggest labels. So with their forces combining, it was always going to be an exciting final product.

Having had close ties with Protocol Radio and a remix of one of Morgan Page’s biggest recent tracks, Nilson has built a strong reputation for electro house gold. And with Freddy See remixing the likes of ZHU and FTampa over the past year, and collaborating with Yves V, the two have an arsenal of material and experience that is ever ascending.

Their track “Out There” features the beautiful vocals of Laurell, over laying a powerful electro house instrumental. With guitar strings and bellowing drums, the raw instruments add a rich atmosphere, culminating sweetly with the gradual tempo build up. With the progression fusing the sounds and energy into chordal melody there’s few boxes the track doesn’t tick. Destined for your playlists and the replay button, Nilson & Freddy See have hit the ground running with this one.

Better still, it comes as a Free Download. Grab your copy of Nilson & Freddy See’s “Out There” today!

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