Rising Talents Around The Globe: Episode 2 – France

Welcome to our brand new exclusive editorial series ‘Rising Talents Around The Globe’. At We Rave You, we like to think about ourselves as music lovers and not only just promoters of commercial music, and that’s exactly why we are starting this editorial series seeking the very best emerging talents around the globe.

We started with Mexico and now we pursue our series with France. When you ask people which artists they know in French electronic musical scene, Daft Punk, Justice or David Guetta might be the first names you will hear. However there’s a whole slew of amazing Gallic producers poised to emerge in many musical genres.

Let’s begin our top 5 upcoming producers of the French scene in no specific order.



Paul Blaise also known as NHYX is currently standing as one of France’s leading producers. The native of Paris creates masterpiece on masterpiece mixing some piano melodies, airy guitar chords, and haunting vocals. His songs are real melodic ballads in which we easily let yourself go. He seriously began to produce his tracks 2 years ago and even founded a band called ‘Vague Wave‘ which is the collaboration between him and one of his friends. His remix of Fort Minor’s ‘Remember The Name’ is a perfect example of an energizing sound where the tempo was increased to give a stellar rendition of the original tune.

‘Weekend Milliardaire’ is an awesome track mixing an infectious melody to catchy vocals. It’s with this tune that success began and that he became known to the public.

Another example of musical production of French prodigy is ‘Khrónos’, a song where you will ear tropical vibes and an infectious groove to make a perfect summer anthem.

We are never disappointed with NHYX that’s why he is to follow very closely. Support him on Soundcloud.




23 year old French producer, Gostan, is emerging as a huge talent in the electronic music scene. With an uncontrollable passion for music and a keen interest in the violin, the native of Paris is quickly proving that he has the potential to reach unprecedented heights. Alongside an outstanding talent for transforming existing songs into astonishing remixes, Gostan is a producer in the truest sense because he creates his own distinctive material with ease and because he is deeply involved into electronic dance music.

His breakthrough track ‘Klanga’ has racked up close to 10M plays on Spotify. An official remix package for the track is released with feature versions from De Hofnar, Pep & Rash, Henri Pfr and Cedric Zeyenne, some renowned producers in the musical game.  This massive tune brings us a unique juxtaposition of time, combining both the historic speech of JFK with Gostan’s infectious new-house sound.

Gostan delivers stunning feel-good house music, warming his songs with delicate melodies with slight brass percussion as you can hear in Tove Lo’s remix of Talking Body.

The French producer first broke onto the electronic music scene with his first track entitled ‘Aube’. This track combines both those iconic African voice samples with his signature melodic hooks; listen to this feel-good tune.

With plenty more inspiring and heavily melodic tracks up his sleeve, the future looks bright for the young Frenchman. Show him your love on Soundcloud.



Axero is a 18 year old producer, the youngest of the list, but not likely to be the less talented. He started to produce his own songs in 2013 with any musical theory but only with his guitar experience. Also known as Samuel Périn, he’s currently producing some of best melodic stuff we’ve ever heard. He likes to produce Progressive House but also Tropical. He’s already supported by : 3LAU, Sam Feldt, The Him, Autograf, Tobu, … well really big names in the musical industry. His inspiration has always been Swedish star Avicii and Axero hold him dear with his latest brilliant production ‘True Stories’. The song title is derived from Avicii’s two albums ‘True’ and ‘Stories’.

Axero declares himself that melody is the most important thing in a track. And this is also with his progressive tune ‘Waves’ that he became known and where everything started.

According to him: “Hard work is the most important thing for someone who wants to get better at production. Since I started, I have produced more than 150 tracks!” As a music lover, and to help beginning producers he also made a tutorial on YouTube on how to produce a song.

His latest remix of Sons Of The East’s ‘Hold On’ in a country style prove that Axero is a talented producer and that his name will be to remember.

Just take a look into Axero’s Soundcloud account, it’s full of nice haunting melodies and such great remixes !




21 year old producer, Sterkøl (on the left on the picture), is a complete revolution for over a year and half now. The native of Paris began producing in avril 2014 meaning that he is quite recent to the musical scene but don’t fool yourselves, he’s very talented and already collaborated with some great talents such as Weazley, Haukjem or Macksimus. Sterkøl creates his own signature by mixing Hip-Hop, Chillout & Tropical House to create vibrating and astonishing remixes keeping us begging for more. Let’s take the example of Snap!’s song ‘Rythm Is A Dancer’, well he created with Stoned Bears a true masterpiece by blending some groovy and tropical vibes to make this tune a perfect one for Summer.

His latest single with tropical friends Weazley ‘With You’ was played more than a thousand times in just a first weeks. This song features funky bass lines, amazing riff guitars and tropical beats to finally get a chill production.

He also collaborated with Axero on ‘Can’t Let You Go’ project. Wonderful saxophone, fantastic flute is what you can ear in this amazing song.

From a more personal perspective, Sterkøl, also known as Baptiste Chambon, plans to finish his studies in his engineering school and in the mean time continuing to produce music and mix at parties on his free time. Show him your support on Soundcloud.




HUGEL is a producer based in Marseille, South of France. Florent Hugel of his real name is a young Frenchman who took to music at an early age and ambitiously began working on his own productions. From 2005 where he started his career as DJ, he has gained an abundance of valuable experience. “I’m a French DJ/producer and I make the girls dance“, is what it says on his Facebook Fanpage and it’s exactly what he does. His tracks are sensual, timeless and cultivated as he borrows the grand emotions from pop and hiphop respectively, then effortlessly blends them with the boundless energy of electronic music to form a signature sound. In other words, he spreads those good vibes.

His remix of David Guetta & Showtek’s ‘Sun Goes Down’ is probably the best remix you could heard of this song.

His most recent works include also the remix of German artist Robin Schulz’s international hit ‘Sugar’, which has topped 250k plays so far on his SoundCloud. Both remix are lovely and quality tunes that prove HUGEL’s enormous talent.

His single ‘Coming Home’ was in good position in German charts and is currently in the Shazam most top tag in South Africa Or Italia.

He recently played at Lollapalooza Berlin with Martin Garrix, Kygo or Robin Schulz. In the upcoming months, two official remix for The Avener on Universal and for Jojo on Atlantic will be released. So stay tuned for more tracks of the French talent.

As a conclusion, there are too many talents to mention in just one article. It was even very difficult to only pick five artists that’s why We Rave You will try its best to keep you updated with the best upcoming talents around the globe. And if you like this editorial idea, please show your support and let us know!