Afrojack Releases Long-Awaited Banger “Unstoppable”

The time is finally here for Afrojack’s massive crowd-pleaser, “Unstoppable”. This track has been played by the Dutch superstar during his past live sets and as the title says, Afrojack looks unstoppable right now, especially with this new single. The track will also be featured in Treyarch’s upcoming video game, “Call of Duty: Black Ops III”, which should provide more flair and excitement to the first-person shooter game.

“Unstoppable” is pure rave music, with Afrojack’s signature sounds that simply makes the crowd bounce on their feet. The track starts with a minimal yet groovy build and slowly progresses into an insane ramp-up. The mind-blowing drops then enters, consisting of such strong chords and bass that make the track perfect for any mainstage set. Receiving much support from his fellow producers and DJ’s, this colossal tune proves why Afrojack is one of the biggest heavyweights in the industry and it should also continue to cause tremors in future music festivals.

“Unstoppable” is out now on Beatport and can be purchased here.