Blasterjaxx launch label with new track “Heartbreak”

Blasterjaxx are yet another example of the Dutch DJ production line. A line that has brought about some of the best artists and duo in the industry for over two decades. And with the current evolution and work of Blasterjaxx, that trend doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon. Emerging onto the airwaves at settings such as EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland, Blasterjaxx’s globe-trotting start looks set to continue for the foreseeable future having risen to No. 19 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll – with no Ipads in site.

Launching their own record label Maximize Records, in cooperation with Spinnin’ Records, the charts toppers themselves set an almighty standard of music with the labels first release “Heartbreak”. Hotly anticipated, Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf’s latest chapter comes after an impressive rise to the spotlight. Having worked with the likes of Hardwell, MOTi and Tiesto and peaked on numerous charts, the pair have a massive reputation for major electro productions with distinctive sounds and melodies.

The birth of the aptly named Maxximize Records reflects their experience on the scene and with the industry’s titan names, leading them towards a more fostering role, alongside the world’s biggest independent dance label Spinnin’. And “Heartbreak” certainly does the move justice.

Reflecting the labels intent, the sharp synth stabs and dynamic horns act as a raised basis for the emphatic vocals and pulsating beat. With a bold energy, “Heartbreak” looks right at home on the main stage at peak-time, instilling a major rave-infused atmosphere. With a building bridge and curated tempo rises, there’s little Blasterjaxx can’t seem to master.

Set to drop on November 30th, Blasterjaxx and Maxximize Records are in for one heck of a start. Check out the full preview below!

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