Dash Berlin gives a signature rework to Adele’s new hit ‘Hello’

It’s been sort of a riot with the new Adele song. In the first 24 hours of the song’s YouTube upload, the video raked up 27.7 million views and broke the Vevo record for most number of views in a day. Next up was the record for 1 million downloads in a week and subsequently it also broke the record by selling 1 million copies in a week. Now with all this hype, how could the Electronic Music scene keep its hands off from this one?

And as reported by Wunderground (we know), the EDM scene couldn’t. Joining the list of remixes is this one from the Dash Berlin trio. Utilizing the unique soul inspired vocals accompanied by the piano work from the original, the artist group rework the song to suit the main stage platform. Ecstatic melody and a huge build up to this one, the remixes are like they’ve always been, cheesy and overwhelming. Great original from the Brit but the remixed could’ve been upped a gear!

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