Dillon Francis releases his remix of Disclosure’s track “Omen”

American Trap and Moombahton producer, and all out Snapchat clown, Dillon Francis, finally unveiled his remix of Disclosure’s ‘Omen’ with Sam Smith.  The original track was featured on Disclosure’s highly anticipated second studio album ‘Caracal’ released earlier this Fall.

After being teased on social media for the past couple of weeks, Dillon’s remix has officially arrived and it does not disappoint.  Bringing together his notorious, bouncy sound together with Sam Smith’s vocals and Disclosure’s underlying beat, the track is hugely successful.  Adding some additional, heavier beats to the opening, you can hear Francis’ influences on the track at the beginning.  However, it isn’t until after the chorus that you hear the Moombahton sound come out in its fullest, providing a head-bobbing, foot-shuffling track.  The remix is definitely a track that keeps the integrity of the original record in mind while offering some new flavor.  If you are a fan of either Dillon Francis or Disclosure, you will appreciate the new take on the hit-record ‘Omen.’

The track will be available on iTunes and Spotify next week.

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