DVBBS launch new record label and confirm upcoming Album

After their lengthy success as residents of Spinnin’ Records, DVBBS have officially launched their own record label. Named as KANARY, the Canadian duo plans to use the label to sign and expose fresh talents from any end of the dance music spectrum. They have already done so by releasing the label’s first track which was produced by 19-year old artist DYSN.

The new single, titled “We’re Alone“, evidently shows how DVBBS do not necessarily look for producers who match their own style of music. The track does not consist of DVBBS’ bass-heavy sounds but rather focuses on vocals and deeper beats. With this inaugural release, the duo takes a different approach to simply sign high-quality music from talented producers.

While talking about their new label, DVBBS explains:

“KANARY isn’t just going to be one of those Beatport imprints servicing EDM. As you’ll hear from our debut release – as well as from our debut album which we’re currently working on – we’re going to promote great music and want to be vastly different to the big labels that are out there currently.”

“Honestly, great music deserves to be heard. We love pushing ourselves as musicians but we also love pushing the boundaries with our career as a whole. We just want to focus ourselves more on producing and it has always been our biggest dream to start our own label. We turned our dreams into reality and from that moment our KANARY was born!”

Following KANARY’s first released single, DYSN’s ‘Wonderland’ EP will also be coming out. In addition, DVBBS have confirmed their debut album that will likely release on the imprint. They revealed that the album is inspired by the tours they have had all over the world and that each track holds a memory from the country it was written in.  The album’s release date is yet to be confirmed but expect it to come out within the next year.

After climbing up the ranks of the EDM industry, placing 16th on DJ Mag’s Top 100 Best DJ’s, the future is looking much brighter for DVBBS and we look forward for what is ahead for these two producers and their young label.

Source: MTV UK