Knife Party Teases Their New EP ‘Trigger Warning’ in their Diplo and Friends Mix

We have been waiting patiently for Knife Party’s new EP ‘Trigger Warning’ to be released, and now it seems like it is just around the corner.  With still no confirmed release date and with their social media pages teasing the album cover, Rob and Gareth appear to be ready to unleash it on the world.  Luckily, due to their stellar hour long mix on the Diplo and Friends radio show; we have a sense of what could be coming on the EP.

Included in the mix are Knife Party staples like ‘LRAD,’ ‘Resistance,’ and their stellar ‘Rage Valley VIP Remix,’ paired with some other popular hits like Skrillex and Jauz’s Squad Out,’ Oliver Helden and Shaun Frank’s Shades of Grey,’ and Tommy Trash’s Wake the Giant,’ making for an upbeat and ruckus mix.  However, the tracks that truly catch the eye are unreleased material from the Australian duo, ‘Parliament Funk,’ ‘PLUR Police,’ and ‘Kraken,’ their collaboration with Tom Staar which debuted at Ultra Miami this past year. The first track to appear on the mix, “Parliament Funk’ reminds us a lot of some of Knife Party’s material on their first two EPs, an upbeat track with some very heavy synths and intense buildups.  

The next track to feature on the mix is ‘Kraken.’  Featuring some more House styled bounce as opposed to Knife Party’s more aggressive style, the track might alienate some of the duo’s original fans; however, we believe that this track has some true promise due to its amazing production that we have come to expect from the duo and Tom Staar.  When this track was debuted at Ultra Music Festival Miami this past, it was met by an enthusiastic crowd and we cannot wait to hear the final product.

The final track to appear on the Diplo and Friends mix is ‘PLUR Police,’ and possibly the most anticipated on the EP.  Featuring some catchy hook lyrics and an infectious, bouncing beat; ‘PLUR Police’ definitely has the ability to be a festival staple like ‘Internet Friends’ and ‘LRAD’ were previously.  With the release of ‘PLUR Police,’ we also have our fingers crossed that we get the absolutely incredible Jauz remix of the track.  Jauz takes the track to a completely other level by layering on some incredible Dubstep beats that is sure to make you bang your head.  

Make sure you listen to this incredible hour long mix from the Knife Party duo and keep an eye out for their ‘Trigger Warning’ EP, which will be available on the 20th of November.