Martin Garrix takes management and Spinnin’ to Court over music rights

Martin Garrix has accused his ex-manager, Eelko Van Kooten of Spinnin’ Records, of cheating by forcing him to sign to Spinnin’ Records.

The young Dutchman said on Facebook after splitting with the EDM mega-label in August;

“From the beginning of this year I tried to regain ownership of my music at Spinnin ‘Records and keep my trust…I am extremely disappointed that the talks did not lead to adjustment [of] the agreements and the return of the property, so I destroyed the agreements. “

The worlds No.3 DJ is now planning a lawsuit against his ex-manager Van Kooten for providing “false and misleading information”. Signed at the age of 16 Martin Garrix says he was without any experience of the music industry and how it worked, and was forced into giving up the rights to his music without fully understanding the situation. He then went onto the claim that Van Kooten stated that the DJ was obliged to appease the management company and record label under the contracts.

This leaving the interests and bargaining power of Garrix significantly harmed if found to be true and would imply that the interests of Van Kooten itself were optimally looked after. However with both parties and their lawyers remaining tight-lipped about the case, there are few other details on the matter for the time being.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

Sources: nu & telegraaf

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