Premiere: Wom-bat – Wombayo

Little is known about the DJ/Producer behind elusive persona of Wom-bat. Rumored to be from ‘Wombatania’ the completeness of the facade even goes as far as the tracks titles, which them even more intriguing.

Wom-bat received their first big release on Spinnin’s OXYGEN label but have continued to remain mysterious with even their basic details. With tracks such as “Wombasmile“, “Wombagirls” and “Purapooo” Wom-bat has scoured the spectrum’s of Melbourne Bounce, Progressive house and electro during his productions. And also giving their hand at remixing Calvin Harris’ massive hit “Summer“, its fair to say they’ve got a fair amount of courage to take on such a high-end radio track.

We Rave You is proud to premiere Wom-bat’s latest studio material, “Wambayo”, delivering yet another element to their genre collection. Featuring some of Lil Jon’s iconic rap lyrics, the tracks enormous energy is only heightened. With a progressive house style introduction, Wom-bat experience across a number of genre’s is evident from the outset. With a bass-heavy build up, the liquid sounds of the drop add fuel to the fire, setting dance floors alight with raving movement. Finishing with a final flurry of rapid layers, “Wombayo” quickly draws to a suitable close with classy FX and fades to clam the heart rate to a more sustainable level.

Once again showcasing Wom-bat’s diverse and varied approach to not only his portfolio, but the tracks structure and sounds as a whole. And with that brings major anticipation for further material and details on the elusive persona of Wom-bat in the near future.

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